Frequently Asked Questions

Why choose a log structure kit?

Easy of assembly: There are many different types of structure kits available.  We offer kits that can be assembled by the homeowner.  Most of our kits interlock using a system similar to tongue and groove with minimal tools required.  You will screw in the first 2 rows of logs and then start stacking logs around the building.  The ceiling and flooring require screws and a rubber mallet is useful to have. But that is about it!
Cost of materials:  Less expensive than a traditional structure.
Location selection: Since the kits are delivered unassembled , they are able to be placed just about any where.

Where are the kits manufactured?

Most of our kits are produced in Europe

How are the kits transported?

The kits are manufactured in the plant. The boards are cut and numbered and then all components are added. All of this is placed on pallets,  stacked together neatly, and wrapped in thick plastic wrap. Once wrapped, they are loaded into shipping containers and shipped to the United States.  They are then transported by truck to our lot in Sevierville, TN. You will then have the option to have us deliver to your property or pick it up yourself.  

How big are the kits?

Our kits range from a 6x6 shed to 3000 sq ft homes.  Custom homes can be produced with some planning. Ask us how!

What is included in the kit?

You will receive all logs, floor to ceiling, windows, doors and all hardware for the structure.  Some of the kits include flooring and some do not. 

Do you assemble the kits?

No. We do not assemble but we do have preferred builders to refer you to with knowledge of how the kits are assembled.

What does it cost to build a kit?

We only price the actual costs of the kits. Since all builds are different and multifaceted there is no way to accurately price the final cost of a build. Here are some things you will need to consider:
* Site prep
* The base of your completed building--rock, slab, basement, crawlspace etc. 
* Porch and outdoor additions
* Roofing material
* Labor-If not assembling it yourself
* Finishing the build out - plumbing, electric, appliances etc

Are you available after delivery for consultation?

Yes.  It is our goal to see our customers 100% satisfied. We are available to answer any questions before and after purchase and delivery.

What type of wood is used?

Our Structures are manufactured in Europe and are made of Nordic/Baltic Spruce. The sheds and smaller units can be built with logs of 3 thicknesses. 28mm, 40mm, and 70mm, The larger homes and cabins are built with the 70mm.


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